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A Letter to All Educators in the World
by Robert Muller

Here is a brief history of the World Core Curriculum I am recommending!

Until the age of seventeen I went to French Schools where I had to learn all the French rivers and their effluents, all the French provinces and their capitals, the French history, its heroes and victories, the French literature and its great authors, etc. The world and its history were taught us accessorily and mostly towards the end of our studies.

Then, one day the Germans invaded France and a German teacher appeared who told us that France was a decadent country and that they taught us lies. And we had to learn the German rivers and their effluents, the German heroes and victories, the German famous authors and philosophers, etc.

At the end of the war, I took a Doctorate of Law degree at the University of Strasbourg and was lucky to get a job at the United Nations on the basis of an essay I wrote. In the US the Americans told me that I had learned the wrong thing and that instead of law I should have studied economics. So I went to Columbia University and took a degree in economics.

In the middle of my life I discovered that the only true, objective education I had received was from the United Nations where the earth, humanity, our place in time and the worth of the human being were the overriding concerns.

So at the request of educators I wrote the World Core Curriculum, the product of the United Nations, the meta-organism of human and planetary evolution.

I sent it at the time to a famous committee appointed by the president of the United States, the Paediaea Committee, headed by the great American philosopher, Mortimer Adler. Only one of its member wrote me back saying: "Mr. Muller, you are a nice fellow, but I can tell you that there will never be a school on Earth that will teach your curriculum in our lifetime."

During Christmas of the same year, a lady called me from Arlington, Texas, and asked me if I could allow her to name her school The Robert Muller School, because she wanted to use the World Core Curriculum! I was overwhelmed to see a school named after me before I was dead! She also predicted that some day there would be thousands of schools in the world which would use that curriculum. I was personally very doubtful.

Well, today, sixteen years later, there exist many schools in the world bearing my name or using the World Core Curriculum. Thousands of individuals or groups of educators have acquired the curriculum for study and use. Schools are in process of forming all around the World. The experience gained and the progress of humanity in understanding its global fate, problems and challenges, lead me to say that Gloria Crook was right, that it is a curriculum of our universal knowledge which should be taught in all schools of Earth.

In the meantime, I have concluded that the curriculum could serve as a basic framework for many other applications. The most important example is that of the media:

When we leave school and university, how do we continue to be educated during our adult life? In our respective professions we have our professional journals. But it is the media who are "informing" us and should educate us about the major, very rapid changes which are taking place in the world. But the media do not recognize that they should be educators. They are simply communicators. Well, they should be the educators of our adult lives until death. This is why I have also couched the World Core Curriculum into a framework for World Media Coverage* which I would like to see taught in all schools of journalism and hung on the walls of all media directors in the world, as a basis of their media coverage and programming.

Former UN Secretary-General U Thant who was a teacher and master to me, often had this comment: "Robert, the world will not change and find peace, if there is not a new education." He was entirely right. And today I would add: the world will not change and will not find peace if there is not a new media.

History will prove that Gloria Crook, U Thant and the United Nations were right. The quicker all educators and media will listen to them, the quicker we will get out of the present confusion and find a new, promising way of our progress and evolution. Please, all teachers of the world, listen to them.

Robert Muller, Former UN Assistant Secretary General, Chancellor of the University for Peace (At the time this letter was written, Robert Muller was Chancellor of the University for Peace. He is now -- July 2001 -- the Senior Advisor Emeritus of the University.)

* For a copy, write to Media 21, Gaughen Public Relations, 226 E. Cannon Perdido, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA Ph. (805) 965-8482.






How to Start a Robert Muller School

by Gloria Crook,
Founding President of the Robert Muller School

To grasp the purposes of implementing the World Core Curriculum, the following will suffice to explain its importance and possibilities as an educational Core, quite adequate to meet the needs of a world where populations are migrating from country to country, continent to continent. The World Core Curriculum used worldwide in the future as an educational framework will allow such migrations and international interchanges to take place without the current reestablishing of orientation to new sets of educational values. The scope of the Curriculum, being Cosmic, will not leave any student or educator with a myopic perspective as movement is made across the face of our beloved planet.

For those educators interested in forming a Robert Muller School, the questions most asked are:

What are the requirements?

How will we be funded?

Is there any special training necessary?

What is the spiritual significance?

Can our name be Robert Muller School?

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What are the Requirements?

The principal requirement to become a Robert Muller School is to implement The World Core Curriculum. This is accomplished by fitting every academic subject into one or more of the following categories, relating the subject directly to the life of the individual student, and simultaneously teaching a perspective which is inclusive of the Whole of Existence:

I. Our Planetary Home and Place in the Universe

II. The Family of Humanity

III. Our Place in Time

IV. The Miracle of Individual Human Life

This calls for imagination on the part of the teacher, but nothing which is not already part of life and recognized as such.

Wherever possible, the information which is given to the student is projected into the broadest possible perspective so that the student gradually realizes that everyone, everywhere (whether they know it or not), is part of the same magnificent adventure of life. The Curriculum was born out of Robert Muller's 40 year experience with the United Nations, and it will be discovered that an understanding of the United Nations, its structure and purposes, will be a most rewarding factor. The U. N. is also a cache of innumerable resources in the implementation of the World Core Curriculum.

The students are shown human history as a look at our significant progress as a species, and also our collective mistakes, with a view to their own contribution to a more deliberately constructive future than ever before considered.

The teacher is able to adjust the curriculum to the culture in which it is implemented; this will vary in complexity, but not scope, depending on the complexity of the culture in which it is being used. The scope of the curriculum will always be the same; to allow the student to see himself truly, as an integral part of the Cosmos -- making a difference, however minute that difference may seem. Also seeing all others in the same light, whatever their race, or culture, as making a contribution.

Until the Curriculum has been implemented far and wide, we will not have enough studied information to suggest a limit to the possibilities. At the moment, it seems the only limitation will be the imagination of the Cosmic-minded and spiritually oriented teaching staff.

When a School is to be operated, and the desire is for accreditation, the teachers must be certified, and the laws of the particular accrediting body met. This will vary according to the location. The original Pilot School was accredited by the regional accrediting body, and also certified as a United Nations Associated School.

A School can begin with any age-group of children; however it is hoped that children will be taught the Curriculum from birth and throughout life; the interdependence of all existence will be foundational to their thinking for a lifetime.




How will we be funded?

This is entirely an individual school question. There is no joint funding available. Every School must discover the means to operate. The Pilot School was a totally nonprofit school. The unsalaried staff was dedicated to the idea of the new education and willing to sacrifice to see to its implementation and distribution. Since 1979, this group has persisted in its efforts and the fruits are now being harvested in the world-wide interest in The World Core Curriculum.

Schools around the world will vary in size and also in the ages of students served. Ideally, the school will begin at birth, with the parents having used the Balanced Beginnings Program prenatally; and will continue through the secondary level. In this structure, the student will move directly into college with no break in the continuity of presented perspective. By that time, there will be an understanding which overrides all false concepts which are still held among much of the general populace of the world -- concepts which have bred separative and prejudiced behavior for most of human history.

Every new School can consider itself an immediate part of the International Group of Schools, and will be treated as such. The Staff and supporters will be recognized as those who are bringing about a needed and radical change in the consciousness of the world's children -- they are preparing these children for a synthesis and cooperation of which we can only dream today.




Is there any special training necessary?

There have been three-day training sessions in the past, held by the original School. As more schools form, particular schools will be chosen as training centers. In the United States, the Robert Muller School of Fairview has been implementing the Curriculum since 1990, and is located near the original RMS. It is an approved conference center, and began holding conferences in October '97, with members of the original RMS staff participating. Click here for information on the next World Core Curriculum Conference scheduled.

It was decided that since the original school in Arlington, Texas, USA, could not be generally replicated -- having an unsalaried, all volunteer staff, and no tuition for the students -- it is most suitable for the original Pilot School to play a consultative role, in an advisory capacity for the implementation of the curriculum, and that other aspects which are very necessary can be combined in a later Model. These future Training Schools will meet the same criteria for Robert Muller Schools as the original, but will be replicable in every operational respect.

Eventually, there may be a Robert Muller School Training Center on each continent. This is the hope and dream. Educators would not then be forced to travel too far to the training sessions. Of course, it should be noted that each one of the new schools implementing the World Core Curriculum is somewhat depended upon to see how the local culture might be adjusted to a greater synthesis and inclusiveness -- through the broadening of academics to fit the World Core Curriculum. This requires imagination and the heart to put aside prejudiced, separative views regarding one's own nation or race, and to become supremely ethical.

In the meantime, while we watch and wait for the new Centers to appear, the same driving forces which impelled the Pilot School will be important criteria for the new schools. Strong conviction relating to world interdependence and the need for the global perspective is a foregone prerequisite. A teacher must be naturally consistent in the presentation of this world view.

At the present, other training is only that which is required to become a teacher, with an additional great measure of Spiritual impetus and love for Humanity. Incidentally and practically, there must be also a deep and heartfelt love for children.

To implement The World Core Curriculum one must be willing to study world problems and The United Nations is a constant source of assistance along that line. The students should be aware as early as possible that the United Nations is the only planetary Entity which brings the leaders of the world governments together to work out solutions to world problems, and to plan for improvements in the overall management of world resources. They also need to know what part their own country plays in the World scene relating to the current world issues. Too few of the worldÕs teachers have a knowledge of The United Nations, its structure, and how its Specialized Agencies affect every human being. When they have this information, they are much better equipped to teach children how they may contribute ideas for the betterment of the world in which we live. The World Core Curriculum, when implemented correctly, will cause a student to have a picture of her/himself as one Cosmic Unit, part of the human species, existing for a limited period of time on the planet Earth, and contributing to the entire planetary scheme. The student will have a clear realization that he/she plays a definite part, however minuscule, in creating or damaging harmonious relationships in this magnificent interdependent system! The Curriculum will provide factual information allowing a child to see that everyone, everywhere, is to be respected as a fellow Cosmic Unit, and that she/he is capable to make a difference which is to the benefit of all by applying individual abilities within the culture where he/she lives.

The Global Elementary Model United Nations (GEMUN) coordinated annually through The Robert Muller School, in Arlington, Texas, USA, is a Program in which every RMS might participate! There is hope for, and effort underway to provide flight fares for children to come from anywhere in the world to take part in the yearly General Session. If this does not materialize, it will be advantageous to form a Model United Nations for elementary students wherever they may be. The sooner the child can understand the full scope of magnificent possibilities in life, the better prepared he/she will be.




What is the spiritual significance?

Groups often question whether the World Core Curriculum is related to a religion. It can be related easily to any religion, or to none. Humanity is diversified in its religious convictions --while it is unified in its spirituality. No one view can be promoted as superior to others in the correct implementation of the Curriculum. All faiths must be understood as valid for those working within the framework of those faiths. There are more than five thousand languages spoken on our planet, and every one of them has a word for "God." The Mysterious process under which each human person is born into a culture where there is a predilection toward one religion or another is appreciated. The fact is recognized that each is born, incidental to that Mystery, as male or female, and into a specific race or culture. These are factors which must be approached with the most delicate and heartfelt understanding. Each student needs to grasp the wide diversity while holding to the idea of the Unity of the Human Family. They will realize that every religion is representative of the ways humanity has kept an inner approach to the Infinite, Supreme Being, Intelligence, Spirit, or that ONE, Who is called, by many of us, "God."




Can our name be "Robert Muller School?"

If you implement the World Core Curriculum, you can call yourselves a Robert Muller School! Usually prefaced by your location -- or suffixed by it, i.e., "The Robert Muller School of San Francisco," or "The San Francisco Robert Muller School." At this time there is no certification for Robert Muller Schools, but if registered with the International Coordinating Center in Arlington, Texas, USA, a School will be immediately counted among the RMS group of Schools. They are all definitely initiators of a new education which will be part of the seed of the future. Ultimately, all cultures and parts of the globe will be involved in this pathbreaking work. Any educators who produce the results depicted here are part of the new world of education. If a group uses the World Core Curriculum, it need not become a Robert Muller School by name unless desired, but will, nevertheless, be part of the worldwide group of schools implementing the Curriculum and can be recognized as such through the Coordinating Center.

Remember, those of you who start Robert Muller Schools are joining in a global pioneering venture to increase the broadened awareness of children now and of coming generations. These schools are among the first which will bring the world's children to a consciousness which is inclusive in nature. They will emphasize the Unity underlying the evolutionary process, and the Brotherhood of all Humankind. Very little which is underway on our planet is of such vital importance for the future relationships of humankind!

May the Blessings of the Universe be yours and may success crown your endeavor!


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A Revolution in Education is Needed

by Catherine K. Clark, Ph.D.

We know that education is a very vital agent for our evolution, and the developed countries have made great strides in making education available to most of their citizens. This of course is not the situation in developing countries where thousands of children have no access to education. Western technology has produced a voluminous amount of information, and so reference is now made to the "information highway". However, the intent upon which this information is disseminated, and the focus educators give to it is a very crucial issue. A new system of values and united action on the part of all educators is essential to establish education on a more humane and spiritual platform.


Several years ago while searching for answers to the dilemma of our escalating problems in education, I received a World Goodwill Newsletter indicating a school in Arlington, Texas, which was successfully using Dr. Robert Muller's World Core Curriculum as a more universal approach to education. I contacted Gloria Crook, the president, and she invited me to spend a weekend at the School. When I arrived there and entered the building, I immediately experienced an atmosphere of relaxation around both teachers and students. There was also a profound learning experience taking place, coupled with cooperation from a group of very happy students. I soon felt that I had come to the end of a long search for a meaningful education program.

There was a sense of serenity and cooperation on the face of each student and faculty member. The atmosphere was one of love, cooperation and acceptance of each student. As I walked into the class of three and four year old children, I noticed that they were involved in a discussion of planetary knowledge and a great awareness of their inextricable relationship to the larger environment. They were being prepared to be conscious, responsible planetary beings, with an increasing awareness of their relationship to the environment and all kingdoms with whom they share space. It was the beginning of a weekend that had a profound effect upon me, and redirected my thoughts in terms of my own work in education.

Dr. Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary-General of the UN and Chancellor of the University for Peace in Costa Rica, has developed The World Core Curriculum which prepares students to be cooperative planetary citizens. This curriculum has as its basic platform the value of the individual and his/her unique place in the One Humanity. Thus students are empowered to be aware of themselves as "cosmic units", and one with the whole of humankind. Such a basis for learning is very much in alignment with the growing interdependency which characterizes our present world. In spite of ourselves we have become a "global village", and we are inextricably interconnected in all dimensions.

The World Core Curriculum addresses this fact in a very dynamic way. It was an outgrowth of Dr. Muller's experience and service at the United Nations, and thus brings with it this needed global matrix. The Curriculum reflects this universality of life in the concept of The Four Harmonies on which Dr. Muller bases his system. They include:

1) Our Planetary Home and Place in the Universe--which deals with our planet earth and its relation to the universe. It encompasses the concept of the infinitely large to the infinitely small and shows a clear inter-relatedness of all parts to the whole. This includes the universe, stars, outer space, and the entire biosphere. It embraces the world of microbiology and genetics, and includes the area of nuclear physics. This expansive body of planetary knowledge is essential to enlighten self-interest, and to teach children about the international cooperation which is needed for responsible world citizenship.

2) Our Human Family--deals with the various human groups, and teaches the student the beauty and meaning of diversity. Throughout this diversity is seen an underlying sense of oneness, and a thread which unites all people. Here is laid the foundation which leads to an understanding of peace and goodwill for all who inhabit this planet.

3) Our Place In Time--reveals our vast evolutionary development. We must embrace the past as that from which we have learned to deal with the present, and recognize the vision which is needed to build the future. Gaining such a perspective, students see the continuum of life.

4) The Miracle of Individual Human Life--brings to education the idea of the uniqueness of the individual, the miracle of life, and true human fulfillment in our planetary experience. It brings to the individual transforming joy of being a part of the human kingdom which is the most ingenious and creative of all earth's kingdoms, but at the same time, the greatest opportunity to be "right servers of the planet and the universe".

The World Core Curriculum offers a synthesis of complex knowledge which has accumulated over the last few decades. The United Nations is a great repository of information which can serve as a great resource for educators who seek to prepare their students to be cooperative world citizens. This knowledge is virtually at our fingertips, in as much as the needed information is found at the various agencies of the United Nations.

Our greatest effort at this time is to work constantly towards right human relations, because such is the ground upon which a new world can emerge. A revolution in education is needed for a suitable model on which to build a new education. The World Core Curriculum is a positive and powerful model for this effort, because it is universal in its scope, and provides each student with a dynamic sense of belonging and responsibility in the realization of the one humanity. This realization is the ultimate goal of our journey here in the earth, and it is for our children that we must provide this, for they are our ultimate investment.



While a baby is in its most helpless stage, unable to sit up or crawl around or stand and walk, the brain cells are being produced at a phenomenal rate. So rapid is this process that the brain grows to half of its adult size by the age of six months! During this growth, the treatment and experience provided (deliberately or incidentally) is extremely important to the baby's later learning ablility. This rapid brain growth occurs only once in a lifetime. Patterns for much of all future learning are established during this period.

Brain research has shown that certain sequenced experiences during the growth period of the first three years will promote well adjusted, balanced learning ability.









If you are about to have or have a new baby, there is much information available to you now about your baby's first three years of rapid brain growth which will make a difference for the baby's entire lifetime!

Most new parents have seen at least some of the new information. All are certainly aware of possibilities which were always present, but of which science had not yet availed us as to significance until there was access to the developing brain.

Now, while a mother is carrying the baby, parents know to be thoughtful of conditions which will affect the baby's health and lifelong abilities. They know the baby will bear direct results of the mother's emotional life during the pregnancy -- which encourages the mother to remain calm and unirritated throughout the pregnancy. They also know the baby will respond physically to music played for the mother to hear, and will respond to the mother, and others, reading to the unborn baby.

After the baby is born, for three whole years, the brain produces additional cells continuously and rapidly, while dynamic possibilities exist for increasing the baby's life-long intelligence if the parents are aware of how to provide specific experiences to assure this! Much that was true for the developing fetus remains true for the newborn baby, i.e., the baby's overall health will be affected by activities, emotion, and thoughts which are expressed in its environment.

All the information has been made available by science -- much of it is available in books, and there are certain programs which manufacturers have put together to take advantage of the new demands. These, generally, address one or more areas of the research.

Nothing will be found, however, which can compare with the Balanced Beginnings Program! This Program was not put together by business people to exploit a new idea for financial gain! Instead, it was developed by volunteer parents and certified teachers, including a registered nurse, working in a non-profit, fully accredited, alternative School, with real live babies (over a nine year period), to include every aspect of the new, clearly documented research. The Program was not reproduced until a demand for the results of the effort was made by those who found out about it through their interest in the innovative work of the School. Balanced Beginnings takes into account what should be experienced with a baby to optimize learning possibilities, when these experiences should take place in sequence, and why. All of this is in addition to the heartfelt LOVE and natural care for every infant. The Program has now been used by hundreds of parents and nurseries around the world and the effects are already being reaped by those who had the foresight to take advantage of the opportunity to implement it with their babies.

If you have a new baby, and you wish to heed the results of all the research, you will have to go through a process which amounts to designing your own "program" of activities and experiences to somehow utilize the information which you gather for yourself. The question is, will you be able to equal what has already been done in Balanced Beginnings, and how much difference will it make if you cannot? If you care enough to use the new information at all, aren't you, nevertheless, liable to omit some area which Balanced Beginnings does not overlook? Or, might you not miss experience in the sequence which will have the best and most rewarding results for your baby?

Balanced Beginnings allows for much innovation on your part, but it leaves nothing out. Use it with your baby! See to it that your baby's "genius" will have complete expression in life!

Please e-mail questions or comments to The Robert Muller School,
developers of Balanced Beginnings.




Balanced Beginnings is designed to create foundational patterns for later learning. While providing for the most objective learning experience, the program is also sensitive to the subtle psychology of the child and family. The program will balance your baby's learning ability without OVERDEVELOPMENT. Balanced Beginnings is a package of materials and instructions for day-to-day experience to be provided during a six month period before your baby is three years old.
Rapid brain development happens only once in a lifetime!

Science shows the experience and sequence of experience which you choose for your baby determines your child's lifetime learning ability!

The Robert Muller School in Arlington, Texas, USA, is a pioneer in early brain development. The President's Commission on Early Learning and the Brain, Time Magazine, Newsweek Special Issue, "I am Your Child" and "20/20" on TV, all referenced research which the School has been using since the early '80's.

Balanced Beginnings is the only program which covers ALL known aspects of early brain development.

It is apparent that present research will revolutionize all education eventually. In the meantime, fortunate babies can have the special advantage of Balanced Beginnings.



Early Brain Growth Information

There is now fully documented information from scientists which could make a great difference in the learning ability of children everywhere.

1. The new research into early brain development has provided information for parents which was previously unavailable.

2. Learning is a holonomic experience. The more captivated the learner is, the better the experience is retained in memory--or learned.

3. The brain is electrical. Electrical pathways, or "circuits" between cells or areas of the human brain depend upon experience.

4. Every human being undergoes the same process during early brain development, but experience widely varies, as does later learning ability.

5. All experience is new for every infant, and all experience lends to the "circuitry" forming in the growing brain. This circuitry, in turn, forms the foundational pathways for all later learning. This foundational circuitry is largely completed during the rapid brain growth period of the first three years.

6. There is a vast difference in the foundational circuitry among children in general--it is as different as the daily life differences among environing care-givers of the infants.

7. Infants who have had the greater amount of interesting experience (this is defined as experience which holds the infant's uninterrupted attention) from the seventh month in utero until the third year of age, will have the greater amount of "circuitry" formed in the brain for later learning.

8. The greater the amount of areas circuited, and the greater the amount of circuitry in various areas, the more prodigious the learning ability.

Balanced Beginnings has been planned to provide circuitry throughout the infant brain, crossing the brain from left to right and right to left in foundational experience.

Many parents have exclaimed, "We read to our baby before he was born! And we carried our baby everywhere! We played classical music and we did massage! We loved our baby and kept him stimulated! We had a foreign language spoken in his presence every day! We think that's about as well as it can be done."

That is all good. But, Balanced Beginnings has over 300 specific experiences in sequenced order which include dozens unlikely to be known by the average parent to be vital in relation to the baby's vision, or coordination, or concentration or observation ability, etc., etc. And this is simply because at The Robert Muller School we spent NINE YEARS gathering the most useful research and putting it all together. Parents generally do not have such time.

We are proud of the Program. There is none to compare with Balanced Beginnings. All new research has corroborated the choices of experience which we have included in the program.

Order Balanced Beginnings now!


Please send any questions or comments to The Robert Muller School.



Balanced Beginnings Background Information

By Gloria Crook
Founding President of the Robert Muller School

It will be helpful to know how and why The Robert Muller School decided to publish Balanced Beginnings.

The people who developed the program are all volunteers. For more than twenty years, volunteers in Arlington, Texas, USA, have worked to serve the educational processes for children in the world. The Robert Muller School was first fully accredited from birth through Secondary School in 1985. All monies acquired by the School for materials and publications return directly to pay for future publications, etc. The School is non-profit and tax-exempt under IRS Code 501 (c) (3). Balanced Beginnings is fully copyrighted.

Collection of information from the latest scientific research on early brain development was begun in 1979. A registered nurse and staff members working with babies in the School, began to collect information on early development. It was soon found that there was entirely new scientific study going on, to do with brain development--a field which had not hitherto existed because there had been no access to the developing brain. Scientists were especially interested in the learning process because of the hope {still existing today} to develop artificial intelligence.

Gradually, as there were more babies born into the families involved in the Robert Muller School, the need was realized to incorporate as much of the useful new information as possible. Knowledge was considered useful, only if it contributed to the later learning ability of the child and was not contra-indicative relating to the child's well-being and natural development into a creative, competent, adjusted, and happy human being.

During a period of nine years, experiment was made with the latest discoveries about the developing infant brain, all the way from the unborn, to the age of three, when the rapid brain development slows to such an extent that only ten percent of the maturing growth is left to occur before full maturity.

It was discovered that each development process which was taken into account in the babies' experience, caused an obvious and prodigious ability which was lacking in their peers who had not had the experience.

Please be advised we used information from research which was fully documented and accepted in the community of scientific research. Remember that early brain development research is relatively new. This is why the new information is not known by the general public unless they have seen fit to read the Scientific Journals or have run into some of the more spectacular data in magazines or newspapers generally read by the average public. The data is often very dry and uninteresting in the scientific vernacular; however, distilled to practical use with a baby, it is exciting and results are obvious to all.

There now exists evidence that every baby is far more complicated than ever accepted in the past. From conception, and on into the rapid brain growth period which begins at the seventh month of pregnancy, the little life is being "informed" in many ways which have escaped notice of parents in general. The infant could be called a "holonomic" being, affected through and through by all currents of cosmic rays, including the more intense and present currents of emotion and thought in which each infant exists. All of the experiences which are being held by everyone and everything in the infant's environment are having subtle affect upon the infant nervous system. The baby is subject to forms of energy to which adults have become somewhat or completely unconscious through the familiarity and compensating adjustments which take place naturally as part of the miraculous ability of the human nervous system. These effects nevertheless form part of every human being's psychology and add to the ways in which everyone of us adjusts (or sometimes mal-adjusts) and contributes to life as part of the human species.

At this time, the very latest material available definitely substantiates the Balanced Beginnings Program. A copy of one such article's abbreviated useful explanation (which says it all in a nutshell) is available if someone desires to know more, any library can provide volumes of information at this time. All of it substantiates the experiences in the Balanced Beginnings Program as foundational for greater learning ability as the child grows, and, furthermore, throughout life.

The President of the Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPAH), Dr. David Chamberlain, has sent us a letter declaring "pride in our infant program." His Article, "Babies Are Not What We Thought", includes 165 references which easily relate to the value of our Balanced Beginnings Program experiences. We send a copy along with every Program. Originally, it was not planned to publicize the work done with our babies. It was after a year or two of unchanging schedule of experience for each baby, that it was realized it could be "packaged" and made available for interested parents. (Plus the fact that it was shown at a Montesorri Conference where the School was invited to Present, and there was incredible demand for reproduction.) Since then, many of those original babies are older and are living examples of the inordinate learning ability and creativity which the gathered research foretold would be the case.

Programs are continually sold by the School because of "word-of-mouth" of those who have used the Program with their babies. Calls come from people who want to acquire the Program because of seeing the results with their neighbor's, or their friend's baby.

The true authenticity must rest in the use of Balanced Beginnings. You see, unless people are willing to admit that there may be some new information about how the brain develops, and how very early experience may affect learning ability for a lifetime--then there is no use trying to convince them. Some people believe that all you must do is "love" your baby and the rest will take care of itself. That is their prerogative.

For myself, I had six children, and (if I could have known what I now know) I would have made great sacrifices to have had access to Balanced Beginnings for them.

In time, all of the important information about early brain development and experience will be well known by the general public--then all doubt will disappear. Until then, all we can do is provide to those who are open to take advantage of the opportunity, access to Balanced Beginnings.

Parents worldwide, who have had no knowledge of such information, and, of course, love their children, range all the way from those who put the newborn baby in a space apart and keep everyone away and quiet except for feeding and changing, to those who involve the baby in every possible family activity and therefore (incidentally or accidentally) provide the baby with more complicated experience. No family would provide all experiences found in the Balanced Beginnings Program, however. And some are definitely important as to timing in given sequence related to brain development. No family, on a chance basis, could be expected to provide all of these experiences for their babies during the rapid brain growth period. It would be a miracle! Some would surely be missing! There are more than 300 sequenced experiences in the Program--each calculated to give the baby pleasure and reinforce new connections for later learning.

For this reason alone, any parents who know about and ignore access to the Balanced Beginnings Program are taking the chance that their baby doesn't need the experiences which will be missed. The attitude generally stems from an intelligent skepticism, and concern that since human beings have come this far without such knowledge and its use, it must be unnecessary and out of order in the scheme of relationship between parents and infants. This attitude is analogous to suggesting that human creativity is unwarranted and we could have done easily without the wheel--because it is not found in nature.

The entire key to understanding Balanced Beginning is this: there is only ONE period in individual life when the rapid brain development takes place. That is the ONLY time when experience will have LIFE-LONG effects in learning ability, BECAUSE the connections between brain cells during this particular rapid brain growth period form the matrix of pathways for all later learning. This period lasts for only the first three years.

When there is not a plethora of pathways, the person will be a slow learner. When there are pathways in only a few areas, all learning will be "shuttled," if you will, through those existing experienced pathways and some subjects will be exceedingly difficult--just as is the case with most of us. We learn fairly easily in some areas, while others are difficult and information is not retained easily in those difficult areas.

We have studied the process of retention in the developed brain, as well as the foundational research. Retention is best exhibited when there is repetition to the point of patterning new pathways in the brain. When clear motivation is added to the patterning, retention will happen with ease. This is the way most of us learn new subjects. The necessary amount of patterning will differ in short and long term retention for an individual. A brain with pathways prepared in advance of the new subject will learn and retain information easily as well as relate it to every conceivable area of connection through the existing pathways. This happens automatically or unconsciously and can be recognized in a person who is extremely "quick" or "bright."

In the past, there was the inexplicable mystery of some children being "bright" and some being "dull"--even in the same family! It is now known that while genetics plays a part in this mystery--if the general physical health of the baby is good--EXPERIENCE makes the true difference!

We are now certain also that the mother's consciousness will have definite effects on the baby's learning ability and emotional demeanor--especially her consciousness during the last month of pregnancy when the rapid brain growth begins.

Throughout the fetal development, the birth and infant life, all environmental conditions (physical, emotional, and mental) will have effect on the child's developing psychology. The future will see much change in the general treatment of infants as the scientific knowledge becomes general. Balanced Beginnings can be an assistance for those pioneers around the world who begin the effort.


Balanced Beginnings Program Contents

Each program contains instructions for over 300 experiences.

Experience Cards (one box, 184 cards)
These cards give complete instructions on a daily basis for an entire six months period. The instructions explain what to use among the materials included in the package, as well as other materials which must be acquired by the user.

Subtle Atmosphere Instructions
These instructions explain the effects of the subtle atmosphere on an infant, instructing how to keep the baby in a condition of comfort, both physical and emotional, so that the learning pathways are formed in a loving, patient, understanding atmosphere of ordered activity.

Materials Instructions
This booklet will give detailed instructions for the use of all materials furnished with the set.

Seeing Experience Cards (49)
These cards are for graduated visual development and will give the infant ability to consciously observe shapes, forms and physical conditions in the environment.

Alphabet Cards (32)

Word Cards -- English (12)

Language Tapes (2 tapes, 4 languages)
There is a script spoken in Spanish, French, Arabic, and English (so you can hear the script) by natives to each language. Research shows the language heard at this age can be later learned more easily and spoken without an accent.

Quantity Cards (20)
These cards are to do with numbers and an infant's ability to learn mathematics later.

Beauty Appreciation Cards (15 Two Sides)
Artwork carefully chosen from the Walter Anderson, Nicholas Roeirch and M. C. Escher collections. Each card helps achieve certain results.


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