The Next Turn of the Spiral
by Gloria Crook

Sixteen years ago (1980), The Robert Muller School was formed in Arlington, Texas, to implement Robert Muller’s World Core Curriculum and make the results available to educators around the world.

The mission has been partially accomplished. The School has been fully accredited as an alternative school (birth through secondary school) and Certified as a United Nations Associated School. Teacher Training conferences have been held for the past five years to assist educators who wish to implement the Curriculum in other schools.

The School has published several books and videos on the use of the Curriculum, including The World Core Curriculum Manual, The WCC Journal, Vol. I. and The World Core Curriculum: Foundations, Implementation and Resources. These are sold at the United Nations Book Shop in New York. The publications are also sold by Lucis Trust in London, England. More than three thousand copies have been acquired by educators, groups and individuals in many countries.

Through the years, the students have participated in a Model United Nations Program which is coordinated (requiring a full-time volunteer) by the Robert Muller School for participating groups throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. This program has increased in number until there are hundreds of elementary children learning about the United Nations through the program. Children have come from as far away as Mexico, New Jersey, and Russia to participate in this growing work.

It is part of the World Core Curriculum for students to be aware of the United Nations, its purposes and operations. As the children mature they will be prepared to make decisions based upon the broad perspective of Our Planetary Home and Place in the Universe, The Human Family, Our place in Time, and The miracle of Individual Human Life.

The interest in the Curriculum has become worldwide; Robert Muller won the United Nations Peace Prize for Education in 1989; and educators seeking a curriculum which lends the highest life values, along with academic excellence, are supporting the use of the World Core Curriculum. It has been translated into Spanish, Russian, Italian, Dutch, and German. Groups and individuals are using the Curriculum in the United States, Argentina, Russia, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Brazil, Africa, Holland, The United Kingdom, India, Canada, Australia, and The Philippines.

Our more direct work here in Arlington, Texas, will be to complete publications which have been requested, and to publish a World Core Curriculum International Newsletter which will hold information to pass between those using the Curriculum and those interested. Also, we will be enrolling expectant parents and infants in a Balance Beginnings Program.

The World Core Curriculum comes from the United Nations and provides a structure within which a child might find the truth or interdependence and the idea of synthesis to be more than a theory or a wish, but an integral part of our planetary life.