The visiting team from the Southern Association were so impressed with the program being offered at The Robert Muller School that they thought the educational process and the general curriculum would be most valuable as a model for teacher education. It was evident that the faculty, board, and administration had done a commendable job in completing their self-study. An examination of their report exemplifies the conscientious effort on their part to examine, analyze, and evaluate the entire teaching-learning process.

Board members, teachers, parents, and the administration were all most cooperative and helpful in answering questions and providing information for the committee's evaluation. The committee was treated hospitably and made welcome throughout their visit

The committee was most impressed with the obvious dedication to the teaching-learning process by teachers and parents, which was obviously transmitted to the students, who reflected that same dedication in their behavior in the learning process. The committee highly recommends accreditation of The Robert Muller School as an alternative school.


The Robert Muller School, founded in 1981, provides an educational alternative to students because the parents, faculty, and children of The School of Wisdom believe that a global curriculum is essential to meet the needs of a rapidly changing society and the interconnectedness of the global community. The most current educational processes recommended by the most advanced research on brain-mind and human development are being used to enhance the mental, physical, and spiritual development of each child. The school serves the needs of students whose parents have been involved in studies of education for the new age, through the adult School of Wisdom which includes students from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.


• The staff has an unusually high degree of commitment to students in their education for present and future fulfillment of the students' lives as they relate to the human connection in their personal, local, and global communities.

The students demonstrate excitement and pride in the values of the school and the unique opportunity they have in this educational experience.

The relaxed atmosphere and the respect of the individual that exists between faculty and students provides an optimal learning and growing environment

Through interviews with students and parents, strong evidence can be seen that the school meets the needs of the students. Students' comments included statements such as: "This school is a challenge and it's fun"; "We can talk openly about ideas without being put down"; and "We don't have to put invisible tape over our mouths." Parents' comments included statements such as: "My child loves school work and can't wait to go to school"; and "My child gets excited when he continues schoolwork at home."

Students, parents, and teachers are cooperatively involved in participating in the learning experience.


The school should strive to provide educators everywhere information about the curriculum and methodologies used at the Robert Muller School.

Long term studies could be carried out on these children in their development based on the records kept at the school. A follow-up study of these children as they reached adulthood and function in the world would be most beneficial to future educational research.



The Robert Muller School has well-stated and comprehensively developed philosophy and objectives documents. The philosophy and objectives are consistent with the Basic Principles and Standards of the Southern Association on Accreditation for Alternative Schools. In fact, the fulfillment of objectives goes far beyond the ordinarily accepted criteria for educational standards. The objectives are consistent with the philosophy stated, with the literature about the school, and with the actual educational practices and environment created. The characteristics of the students served are related to the statement of philosophy and objectives as even the parents must be studied in that educational philosophy for their children to be enrolled. It is evident that the statement of philosophy is well integrated into the operational activities at The Robert Muller School.


The focus of the stated philosophy and objectives is the development of each individual student to reach his or her highest potential as each evolves to a fully functioning adult capable of providing valuable service to his or her community and the human family holistically.

• The planning for educational activities and the behavior of the staff and teachers in conducting the learning
experiences for students strongly reflect the statement of philosophy and objectives.

• The students' relationship with all elements of the universe is
a major emphasis in the school's objectives. An emphasis is placed on learning personal responsibility to provide an opportunity for mature development possibilities leading toward responsible adults.

Emphasis is placed on personalgrowth toward acceptance of diversity to function in a pluralistic democracy and a pluralistic world. Role-modeling by faculty and the entire curriculum reflects this philosophy.

• The encouragement of student participation and creative experiential learning opportunities provides sound valuable education for the fulfillment of the stated philosophy and objectives.

Because the Robert Muller School's statement of philosophy and objectives are so well-stated and successfully integrated into the school's educational plans and activities, the committee recommends only that the staff continue implementation as a process continually evaluating and improving.


The World Core Curriculum recommended by Robert Muller, Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, is the basis for the curriculum at the Robert Muller School. The four general areas of study: (1) Our Planetary Home and Place in the Universe; (2) The Human Family; (3) Our Place in Time; (4) The Miracle of Individual Human Life are the broad inter-disciplinary umbrellas under which specialized subjects are taught This interdisciplinary study of traditional subjects is taught at each level of the child's development from birth through kindergarten, elementary, intermediary, and secondary education to correspond with each individual student's developmental levels and learning modes. The latest education and human developmental research studies are integrated into the overall curriculum teaching methodology with emphasis on cooperative experiential learning.


Not only are the traditional subjects, commensurate with the Basic Curriculum Requirements of the Southern Association on Accreditation, taught at the Robert Muller School, but many additional enrichment opportunities in languages, computer science, cosmic relationships, and global studies are included.

The interdisciplinary approach to learning the traditional basic subject matter, under the broad umbrellas of the World Core Curriculum, provide the necessary interconnectedness of learning often lacking in traditional educational environments.

The emphasis on the individual child's learning needs, based on testing and subjective evaluation by the teachers, provides the optimal learning experience for each student.

• A positive atmosphere with excellent rapport among faculty, students and director is apparent.

The faculty has a genuine desire to continually improve learning opportunities. They work cooperatively to improve the curriculum., share ideas, share the latest research in optimal learning methods, and plan future curriculum events. .

Emphasis on reading, writing, math, science, and computer skills are enhanced by exceptional teaching of critical and analytical thinking.

Listening and speaking skills are also taught as basics in the overall curriculum.

Creativity is encouraged and creative skills developed by all the most current learning methods, especially the opportunity to take risks and make mistakes.

• The overall pupil-teacher ratio is highly desirable.

• The diagnostic assessment used to place students at the appropriate instructional levels and learning modes is exemplary.

• Students' achievement is exceptional because they are motivated by the enhancement of the natural learning desires of humans as they are encouraged to take responsibility for their own behavior.

Parent involvement and interaction are requirements of the school, so the parents continue the philosophy of learning in the home environment Parents attend all PT A meetings.

The curriculum themes can be visually experienced in every area of the school to reinforce learning. Posters, mobiles, signs in Spanish, and creative art exemplifying the unit theme are a part of the educational environment.

Music is a part of the total environment to provide optimal environmental learning using all the senses.

Extensive use of field trips, community resources, and resource consultants enhance the learning experiences of the students.


Testing should be done at entrance and exit to determine increased intelligence, due to awareness and raised consciousness of the human potential, particularly in regard to the new methods developed following the most recent research in brain-mind development.

•A summary record of the daily, weekly, and six-weekly growth. and development charts of each individual child should be kept for long-term research studies.

•An effort should be made to carry on follow-up studies of students as they move into other schools, for whatever reason, and as they move into the world of academia, work, and practical living.

•As students become older and move into the arena of secondary studies the personal counseling should include vocational counseling, to integrate the world core curriculum learning experiences the students have received with their personal goals in functioning in the future world of work.


The Policy Manual of The Robert Muller School clearly states the organizational structure of the School which provides for flexibility and interaction in a cooperative manner between the Board, Administration, Staff, and faculty. The administration of-the School is vested in the director. However, because of the basic philosophy of the School and the commitment of all the individuals involved, the teamwork for accomplishing the necessary tasks for successful education is exemplary.

The faculty is highly credentialed and highly committed. Because all believe so strongly in what they are doing, most work with no salaries. One of the faculty members manages several paper routes to provide necessary income for herself, so she can work free at the school even though she is a credentialed teacher. The commitment of the faculty, administration, staff, and parents provides the most remarkable stability and excellency for the children's education.


The staff willingly sacrifices personal economic advantages to carry out this innovative new age education because of their strong belief in the philosophy of The Robert Muller School.

•Cooperation amongst staff members, faculty, and board members is the basis for getting the job done. Each member willingly takes a flexible position to enhance the educational goals and objectives.

•Teachers are as excited a group of humans working toward a goal, as the visiting team has ever seen in any work setting.

• Exceptional support by parents was evident in the interviews conducted with those parents and can be seen in the basic rules of the school for student entrance.

Student-teacher ratio is very advantageous.

Faculty and staff take every opportunity they can manage to avail themselves of added educational and enrichment opportunities to enhance their professionalism.


Because the philosophy of the School of Wisdom is the basis for the exceptional cooperative effort of all involved, which is working so well, it seems difficult to find any problems with the educational system at the Robert Muller School. However, as need arises, it may be necessary to pay more, or some salary, to faculty and staff to keep committed members.

• Continued attendance at workshops or other educational opportunities by faculty and staff is encouraged.

Faculty participation in workshops or conferences to share their knowledge and experience of this type of education is encouraged.


The student activities program is varied in the Robert Muller School. The student activities take student into the community for experiences and opportunities to bring their studies into the world of reality. The students are provided with opportunities to make a difference in the world in which they live.


• Students are involved in raising awareness of global consciousness in the local area through plays and activities to promote the idea of global peace.

Students are involved in international student exchanges. For example, the students recently hosted several children from Mexico in the school and in their homes.

• Students participate in decisions to interact with children in other parts of the world.

A television program is being produced for cable television by the teachers and students to show people how they can deal with differences and irritations in life.


The greater the visibility of these children in their student activities, the greater the potential for sharing this type of educational experience with others. The Robert Muller School model of student activities is already being shared with many, but it is recommended that a continued effort be carried out in this vein.


The learning media services of the Robert Muller School include all of the latest equipment in modem technology, which is available for students to use. The technology available at the School includes six computers and terminals, word processor and printer, television, 35 mm. camera, slide projector and screen, 8 mm. movie camera and projector, video recorder and camera, audio tape players, high speed cassette duplicator, high speed electronic duplicator which enlarges and reduces, modem educational programs, print, film and record library, and artistic equipment. Besides the excellent media available, the staff takes the children on trips to local museums, libraries, colleges, and any other local media opportunities available.


The faculty is constantly providing opportunities for students to test out their learning experience through the use of media. For students create their own programs on the computer to utilize their math knowledge. Students create models and then create maps of those models so they can experience map-making. In their study of rocks and gems, students have formed a Guild, in which they make jewelry. When it is judged to be high in quality, they sell the jewelry and receive certificates of merit as Master Craftsman of the Guild. (Certificates are artistically created on computer.)

The experiences provided for students to use computers and telecommunications gives them an excellent advantage in the coordination of knowledge which is and will be essential in the contemporary world.

Students were sent to a computer camp in the summer to advance their knowledge of computer usage.

The creative use of media opportunities available in the local community, by the faculty to provide added opportunities for students, is a model which can be utilized by others in education, if they would take the opportunities which are available.

The equipment acquisition is carried out in a creative manner by the school as it attracts donations from parents, groups, or others interested in the education at the Robert Muller School.

The staff makes use of posters, films, audio tapes, film strips, and reading materials from the United Nations, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and businesses.


The model of media acquisition and usage at the Robert Muller School is so exceptional, it is recommended by the committee that the use of available media by these faculty members serve as an example for the other educators and schools.


Guidance and counseling services at the Robert Muller School are an integral part of the overall educational program. Gasses are small so each. student is assessed continually of his or her growth and development Students interact daily with the faculty to participate in their own learning development so that each one has a continual awareness of the learning he or she is experiencing. Health programs are part of the curriculum so that students understand the necessary integration of mind, body, and spirit in their development In this manner the students are also educated in the process of lifelong learning and the necessary personal commitments they must make to keeping healthy in all three areas of their growth throughout life.


Faculty and staff are chosen on the basis of commitment to excellent guidance and counseling commensurate with the philosophy of the school.

The parents are required to have studied the philosophy for at least a year before their children can be enrolled, so that the guidance, counseling, and health needs of the children are carried out in their lives at home.

The requirement that parents participate actively in the continuing education of their children ensures that the home environment will carry on these same basic positive behavior patterns.

All students receive counseling as a part of the philosophy of the school.

Excellent health. needs are met by on-site nursing and first-aid staff and additional health care specialists who are available.

Because each child is treated as a unique and special individual, any special educational needs are met to provide the appropriate teaching and counseling techniques.

•Recognition is given to areas of weakness discovered through testing, so faculty and students can work together to overcome those weaknesses.

Students all cooperate to help each other because they recognize that each has strengths and weaknesses. This help is provided to each other in a positive non-competitive manner, which adds to each child's learning experience.


The student records should be summarized and kept for future research and longitudinal studies of the New Age education.

Students could keep their own records on the computers under the guidance of the teachers to be used for future educational research studies.


The setting and physical plant of the Robert Muller School is outstanding. Located on a lake with adequate and lovely grounds, the buildings provide the environment for open and relaxed educational endeavors. The environment is warm, inviting, and beautifully kept. Student and faculty participate in cooperatively caring for the facilities and grounds as part of the learning experience of responsible maintenance of the environment.


The facilities provide a physical environment which contributes to the learning environment. Instead of cold institutional type buildings, the buildings are warm and inviting wit1l carefully and artistically chosen learning visuals everywhere.

Facilities are planned and maintained in the same cooperative effort with parents, staff, and students that follows the philosophy, goals, and objectives of the school.

Future plans are already under way to provide more educational recreational facilities on the grounds and an arts and sciences building.


It is important to keep the facilities in adequate repair, as the need arises, because these buildings and grounds are an exceptional asset to the type of education created.

The playground development for younger children should be carried out including the plans to create a garden by the students. The older children might participate in planning and even building some of these facilities. This could be a cooperative effort by the children in the upper grades in consultation with the teachers and younger children.

The arts and sciences building should be completed to provide laboratories for science students as they move into secondary level. This building will also provide greater opportunities for students to participate creatively in acting, producing plays and films, and other artistic endeavors.




The plans and priorities of the Robert Muller School show a determination by the faculty, staff, parents, and students to continue to improve every aspect of the Robert Muller School's educational endeavor. The plans are evidence that quality education reaching toward the optimal enhancement of global education are the objectives.


A continued student exchange program with students in a foreign country is an excellent opportunity for students to really experience cultural exchange, which is a very basic part of the World Core Curriculum.

Plans for an international vocational education program based on apprenticeship would be an exciting addition to the students' growth and development

The increased fluency in languages as part of the educational plans will provide increased global awareness in the lives of the students as foreign language abilities enlighten students in cultural awareness as well as communications capabilities.

The plans of using the Instrumental Enrichment Program as a process for development of thinking skills used in other parts of the world is commendable.

• Continue to broaden plans, enrich the curriculum, evaluate present educational processes and curriculum, and try new learning methodologies as the newest learning research develops.



The Robert Muller School is an exceptional model of education in our contemporary world. The faculty, administration, board, parents, and students are providing a service to educators everywhere by attempting to provide an educational model using the most recent research in learning theories and methodologies. Many public school systems are too limited by institutional constraints to provide the type of education offered at this school. However, throughout this report the committee has recommended that information of the school's educational processes be shared with educators everywhere as much as possible.

The teachers, parents, and students are exceptionally committed to providing the quality education commensurate with the stated philosophy and objectives of the World Core Curriculum, recommended by Robert Muller, the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations. The knowledge of faculty and administrators of the latest learning methodologies, which follow the newest brain-mind research, is highly commendable. The relaxed positive environment in which this education is presented adds to the obvious success these educators are having with the children in the school. Although commitment by the parents is required, the committee believes strongly that many more parents would be committed to their children's education, if they saw them receiving the learning and development opportunities that the children in the Robert Muller School are receiving.

The committee members are in agreement on several important recommendations. Long term studies should be carried out on these children's development based on each child's records. Evaluations are cooperatively carried out by students and faculty so that each child is aware of his or her own learning development and potential. These records should be kept for educational research studies. Follow-up studies of these children as they reach adulthood and function in the world should be made to advance future educational research. The model should be made available continually to educators as it evolves and develops in the contemporary changing society and world in which we live.

A television series with accompanying study guide and reading material should be produced, if at all possible, to disseminate this model of education to universities with education departments and to countries around the world interested in improved workable educational models. A television series would not only be able to explain theories and methodologies and the brain-mind research on which it is developed, but could also show future or current educators how to practically utilize the Robert Muller School's model of educational excellence.

The visiting committee is pleased to highly recommend 'accreditation of the Robert Muller School to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. We think the school deserves the recognition in light of the educational practices and environment we found. existing. The committee furthermore feels that the accreditation will enhance the school's credibility in the eyes of traditional educators, who may not be aware of, but could benefit from, this model of education which enhances development of children into responsible citizens in a pluralistic democracy and pluralistic world.