In 1979, an altruistic group in Arlington. Texas, USA., decided to start a school which would make learning a more fulfilling process for children. The group wanted a learning environment which would appeal to children's hearts and broaden the consciousness of each to a sense of responsibility for the planet and a deep love of their fellow human beings. With the beautiful synchronicity that often characterizes the endeavors of those working for the common good, the group learned of the World Core Curriculum created by Robert Muller. He was the Keynote Speaker at a World Goodwill Conference in New York City attended by Gloria Crook, who was sent by the group. He mentioned his newly formulated curriculum, and an extraordinary impression was made that this curriculum would meet the exact demands of the new school.

In the same month. Robert Muller met with a very small group of seven community leaders at Thanksgiving Square in Dallas, Texas. By (Divine) coincidence, Gloria was invited to the small meeting as she was the Newsletter Editor of the United Nations Association in Dallas at the time. Gloria Crook told Dr. Muller of establishing the Curriculum he had formulated in the Arlington school. She requested more information, if anything were available. Dr. Muller had been working on it during his plane flight and happened to have in his briefcase a handwritten draft of the World Core Curriculum. He handed the papers to her, initiating a great adventure for many children of the world!


After working with the Curriculum for a year, a diagram was made of all the units of study. This diagram was taken to The United Nations in New York to show to Robert Muller and Adelaide Kernachan, who was UN Administrator of the Department of Education at the time. Dr. Kernachan told Gloria Crook and Evelyn Franka that the diagram certainly showed the School was "not putting a band-aid" on the old ways -- it looked to be an entirely new approach to education! (Beautiful copies of the original "Whole-Brain Diagram" may be purchased from the School).

A little before Christmas in 1980, Gloria Crook called Dr. Robert Muller to tell him that the School in Arlington, Texas, with his agreement would be named after himself, the man who formulated the World Core Curriculum!. He was actually surprised to hear of the continuation of the School because he had sent his Curriculum ideas for comment to the Pedaeia Group of Educators, headed by Mortimer Adler. The only answer he received predicted that, although his Curriculum was quite comprehensive and far-reaching in its concept, "no one would ever implement this curriculum in his lifetime!" They didn't know there was already in existence the first Robert Muller School!

Since then, all of the World Core Curriculum Schools have confirmed the crying out of humanity for an education which will meet its deepest and present needs. Life of human beings on the planet Earth has taken a quantum leap forward despite the thinking of any and all who might hold to an ineffectual "status quo." The old ways are tired, and old beliefs are outworn in the face of new strides in technology and scientific wisdom. Children deserve an education commensurate with the evolution of spiritual and scientific cognizance which has undeniably verified the oneness and interdependence of all existence.

The first Robert Muller School was nonprofit, and staffed by teachers willing to pour long hours into their work without remuneration. Each brought distinct talents to enrich the development of the school and its curriculum. Each was characterized by love for humanity and the conviction that a small group of people whose lives are guided by a common vision can significantly affect the course of human life.

In retrospect, it is astonishing that very early in the school's development, nineteen babies were born into the families who were involved. As the Founding President, Gloria Crook was always on vigil to discover new and useful information and techniques for the educational breakthrough underway. She gathered all of the scientific information on early brain development which was first proliferating at that time. After discussing with coworkers the crucial impact of prenatal and early infant development on the remainder of an individual's life, the group recognized that education begins in the womb. In conjunction with many years of painstaking gathering of research and experimentation in the infant classroom, Gloria and Marti Cockrell, a Registered Nurse, with the assistance of Treasa Jewell and others, gradually saw the Infant Program develop. After a while, the first generation of bright-eyed and alert babies were being carefully nurtured through the Balanced Beginnings experiences. These eventually became the first level of Curriculum at the Robert Muller School of Arlington. This Program is also available to the public and can be purchased from the School.

To become accredited, a private School in the US must meet all the qualifications of public schools - or surpass them. Certified Teachers, and teacher's assistants with college degrees must be involved according to the numbers of students. The Robert Muller School met all standards for accreditation as an alternative school, and this accreditation extended from birth through high-school (12th level). The Accreditation Committee's glowing deliberations on the School are published in Section Three: Resources.

Rosalie Russell, who had forty-five years' experience in public education, the Teacher of the Year Award to her credit, and a fiery heart to work with the children, became the Director of the new school and remained so for sixteen years. Her credentials would have allowed her to become Superintendent of Schools, if that were her direction! The work she accomplished along with Evelyn Franka, a fellow experienced educator from the public school system (both aspiring toward a completely new and worthier scope and sequence for education) allowed many certified teachers and qualified teacher-assistants to keep the World Core Curriculum working throughout all the levels and courses.


Rosalie guided the teachers and children with phenomenal insight, inspiring them with generous doses of humor and imagination. Under her tutelage the older children became V.I.P.'s on important missions, moving up the ranks as they overcame obstacles with courage, tenacity and creativity. She established an easy camaraderie with the children that made them feel like coconspirators on secret missions. She was not averse to playfully wrestling on the floor with a child who required an extra measure of personal incentive during a difficult period —and the children appreciated her occasional witty abandon of formalities! Her deep love for them and the co-working staff was reciprocated as she drew forth from them the very highest and best With Rosalie's guidance the children thrived and set group goals based on values such as courage, integrity, compassion, responsibility, etc.

The older children went to Computer Camp in 1981, as soon as such camps became available. They could not only use computers, but were taught to program the computers! 'Mark Sutton, Sandra Bandy, Stacy Cannady and Patrick Alessandra were the astute mathematicians and computer wizards of the school! They taught classes and helped prepare Robert Muller School publications at the same time.

Robert Banks taught the children through several types of drama, along with Virginia Harris, Evelyn Franka, and the priceless assistance of his wife, Debbie. History was not merely studied, it was lived! Once, Gloria was asked by a phone caller if the children were given American History in this global curriculum, "Do they learn about such events as the War of 1812?" A graduate of the School was present in the office at the time. When Gloria mentioned the caller's question, the graduate immediately satisfied the query by simply stating, "The War of 1812? Of course, I remember all about it. Especially, I remember that I saved George Washington's life!"

There were several plays which were given at public events such as the celebration of World Peace Day. The Talented and Gifted Organization in Dallas, TX, invited the School to participate each year. The original plays which they performed reflected the spiritual values and breadth of the World Core Curriculum. Robert Banks taught the children TV production and public speaking, until they were practically professional in their demeanor and ability on stage.

Don Campbell, noted author and mystic, is from Dallas, Texas. He became friends with the Robert Muller School and its goals very early in the system. He imparted new methods of keeping children alert and interested in any subject through the sound and varied inflection of the human voice combined with rhythms.

Traditional teaching methods have been challenged since the discovery that all children do not learn or incorporate knowledge in the same ways. "School" had been a place where one usually attended to read and study books, absorb facts from pedantic presenters of the different disciplines, and memorize existing information which might or might not find a practical use in one's life. Totally new ways to approach the teaching/learning unit were explored and utilized by the staff of the Robert Muller School. The various learning "modes" of individual children were taken into account. Learning is now known to be a lifelong experience which is merely begun with childhood intensity, but can continue throughout one's life, if adjustments are made to accommodate the natural procedures of expanding consciousness.

In 1988, at the "Peace Through Education Conference", in Arlington, sponsored by The Robert Muller School and the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica. Such World renowned and noted figures as Robert Muller, Ted Turner, Willis Harman, Jose Arguelles, Rianne Eisler, and Don Campbell were Keynote Speakers (each introduced by a student of the Robert Muller School). A host of other well-known educators from around the world participated in workshops and interchange gatherings. There is no record of exactly how many other WCC Schools were spawned at that conference, but dozens of manuals on the Curriculum were acquired by participants.


The names of persons who contributed immense blocks of time and/or energy to allow the World Core Curriculum to be taught successfully in the original Robert Muller School for sixteen years, and to make publications available to the world, must be mentioned. These persons may have taught classes, made it possible for a partner to teach, had children in the School, or financed some operations of the School which could not have been done without their contributions - every one of them is a vital cog in the machinery of the entire undertaking, and whose names might not be mentioned otherwise in this article relating more directly to chronological archiving of the School's development —they are:

Bob Cockrell, Anne Jackson, Annemarie and Marvin Sadovski, Jeanne Banks, David Cadwallader, Henry Culver, Eileen Lynch, Joseph Sullivan, Sylvia Gray, Pamela Stone, Guy Gooding, Geoffrey Grimes, Elinore Detiger, Daniel Entin, Nicholai Slatin, Rowena and Bob Montgomery, Nancy Connally, Johnny Mathis, Cheri and Bob Yori., Sue and Stacy Cannady, Charles Lindahi, Treasa and T. R. Jewell, Beth and Richard McCarter, Jon Smith, Joan and Carl Weddle, Cassandra Campbell, Robert Starr, Tia and Randy Padorr-Black, Sandra and Lawrence Offutt, Rem and Bob Courtney, Debbie Smith, Nukiy and Gennadiy Yushko, Anne and Mohamed Benali, Frank Galloway, Wayne Mathews, Joanna and Glen Seal, and Kathy and Rob Roberts. Unnamed here are many members of the School of Ageless Wisdom, whose steadfast spiritual support has been indispensable. Languages were taught in the original school by native speakers such as Samir Younis (presently a Professor at Notre Dame University) and his wife, Maria. who taught French and Spanish respectively, Ron Franka taught German, Jeannie Culver was French teacher for the high-school students. Henry Guy triumphed in promoting the children's vision and understanding of healthy day-to-day relationships in his Psychology class. This fitted into the WCC framework for a consciousness of cooperation, respect and support of others as a lifetime value.

Fran and James Goreham are a couple who assisted in keeping the Teacher Training Conferences successful. Fran is a "Renaissance Lady" who taught home economics and life-skills to the children. She is one of those persons who can do anything and do it well! Her husband has supported the use of her time and energy to aid the School's Work

Some of the older children traveled to Europe, India and Costa Rica for prolonged trips relating to The International Children's Peace Council. Patrick Alessandra made the financial sacrifice, paying for his own trip, to accompany the entire group of high schoolers to India for three weeks!

Children from Mexico were invited to exchange homes for a couple of weeks as guests of the RMS families. This became a wonderful opening to the reality of The Family of Humanity, with direct experience of another culture. We recommend many such exchanges to all World Core Curriculum Schools!

During the last seven years of operation, Judy Guy and Debbie Banks often worked into the early morning hours creating learning centers that invited enthusiastic interaction. Ever mindful of the Four Harmonies, they gathered folders of UNESCO materials, and created units that emphasized the plight of the world's needy and the precious fragility of the planetary environment Judy and Debbie set the mood in the classroom with incense, music, and an ever changing background of artistic themes for the classroom environment They brought learning to life with interesting materials, a museum of crafts and artifacts, and cooperative projects, such as the creation of a city from tubes, boxes and other recycable materials. One year the children worked their way through Passport to Peace booklets, with a series of lessons broadening their knowledge of geography, their personal heritage, the United Nations, and their insight into individual participation in peace through goodwill. The children thrived in a living community heralding individual choice and responsibility, mutual respect and peaceful conflict resolution

The United Nations was always a part of the Curriculum for the children. After taking the older children to observe the Model U.N. in Houston, Texas, Marti Cockrell worked to coordinate the RMS high school participation in local Model United Nations Programs. This continued for several years, with the RMS students eventually becoming the best-informed, most experienced choice for Secretary-General of the Model. As years passed and the High School students graduated, the children who were left in the school were too young to attend the existing Model UN. It was discussed and concluded by the RMS Staff that all younger children should know about the work of the U.N. as soon as possible, and therefore, the Robert Muller School should initiate an Elementary Model United Nations Program.

Marti Cockrell took the steps and made the contacts to get The Metroplex Elementary Model United Nations (MEMUN) started. The idea caught on very rapidly, doubling and tripling attendance each year! Children as young as eight years old began discussing the problems of humanity and the environment, and writing resolutions to present as delegates to the General Assembly, ECOSOC and other UN Committees. Before long, MEMUN outgrew its name, as delegates began to sign up, first from other states, and then, other countries. In 1997, over four hundred children came to the Global Elementary Model United Nations (GEMUN) General Assembly. Proudly they read their resolutions and engaged in animated debates over issues that profoundly affect the welfare of mankind and the planet

Johnetta Mathis imparted her brilliance as a horticulturist to the schooL The children worked in an organic garden, attuning themselves to the seasonal cycles as they tilled and hoed, planted and reaped their harvests. Johnetta shared with them her reverence for life and led the children on refreshing nature hikes. On the walks, the children not only identified trees and plants, but also appreciated individual contributions of the plant kingdom to the beauty and ecology of the Earth. The children flourished and experienced their connectedness with all life.

During her tenure as teacher for the high-school students, Jeannie Culver often remarked that by the time the children came to her, the World Core Curriculum was ingrained in their consciousness. Her son, Andy, (at 10 years of age) paid tribute to the work of the school at one of the World Core Curriculum Teacher Training Conferences held by the School. The children and Staff led the visitors in the morning Salute to the Sun, in which the participants became conscious focal points to send Love from the Universe to the World. Andy's words to his companion visiting teacher were, "Don't ever forget this! it is the most important thing we do at the school."

Throughout the education process in the School, art and music have been a major factor in the Curriculum. From the rhythms of Kathryn Utroska to the genius of Linda Hardin and her ability to teach the children music composition while they learned to play an instrument like the piano! Linda Hardin brought her musical talents and flair to the school. She introduced the children to the world's great composers, and studied the effects of their various works on mood and brain function. Linda enriched her teaching with the techniques of innovative music educators such as Don Campbell, Orf and Kodai. The children participated in the musical expression of a variety of cultures, and learned rhythmic singing and clapping games enjoyed by people all over the world.

Chongbai Xia, a Doctor of Acupuncture from China, taught the children and the Staff the beautiful movements of Tai Chi. This was part of the health routine which was practiced daily by the students and Staff. The mysteries of the Energy behind the forms in life was brought forward to be investigated, examined and controlled (with persistence). Only time will tell how greatly the subtle work which was done continuously to impart "the love of the unseen and the real" will bear effects in the lives of the children.

Many of the newly discovered functions of specific parts of the brain can be used in truly utilitarian ways for superior education in schools. The most practical program of Brain Gym (TM) was introduced to the Staff by Gloria Crook and put into operation immediately. The students and teachers of every World Core Curriculum School will find the Brain Gym (TM) disciplines most useful for any part of the Curriculum.

A crowning glory of the school is New Genesis, the staged rendition of Robert Muller's statements in his book of the same name (pp. 190, 191). Gloria Crook, understanding the power of creative dramatics to bring lessons to life and fully concern the children, invoked the prowess of Robert Banks who had proved his talents and expertise in drama with the school. Out of the soul-infused collaboration of Gloria, Robert, and the children, New Genesis was born as a staged performance. No strangers to public appearance, the children have been invited many times, to enhance a community group meeting or conference with their rendition of Robert Muller's inspiring piece on New Genesis. New Genesis could be called the hallmark of the Robert Muller School in Arlington, and is destined to be enacted again and again by schools around the world to inspire and remind us of our group mission. A video of this performance is in preparation by Professor Geoffrey Grimes of Mountain View College in Dallas, Texas. When it is available, it will be for sale by the School.

We are not naming the many RMS children here, although the School was founded on their behalf - and on behalf of all children of the future everywhere; it will not be many years before their own lives will speak for the values which such a curriculum impressed on the consciousness of these students. It was always accepted that the children included in such an endeavor had somehow "earned the right" to participate, and this concept holds for the children who are now and will be taking part in every World Core Curriculum School.

From 1979 until late 1997, many of the same persons continue to work with the school in Arlington, to assist other schools underway. A lifetime of dedicated service, based upon unshakable faith in Divine Providence, has been the choice of these persons. They are now being joined by large numbers all around the planet!

Innovative schools, with a deep spiritual foundation such as the World Core Curriculum renders possible, are the result of group ventures. No one individual could accomplish such an undertaking alone - and ultimately, it is upon the Energy of Divine Providence and Love that such manifestations occur.

Robert Muller and the original Robert Muller School in Arlington have established a legacy that breathes new life into education and is reverberating around the world. This educational heritage challenges future schools to create a synthesized consciousness. The expansion of the World Core Curriculum requires us to strain the abilities of our multiple intelligences and pioneer psychologically responsive and pathbreaking curricula to meet the demands of children the world over. In time, as we pool the resources of this worldwide group mind, we can fully develop approaches which nurture the wholeness of childhood possibilities. We will celebrate the glory of children moving into adulthood on our planet with true preparedness to contribute their individualities to Life in the known Cosmos!