As part of the evolutionary process of the planet Earth, there have been many alterations in the consciousness of the human family. Recorded history shows us an amazing rapidity of change within the past few generations in comparison to earlier periods. Human intercommunication is one of the possible causes of this increase in the speed of change.

Let us conjecture about the mystery of humanity, its miraculous existence in the Universe, and some of the possibilities ahead.

That we are One World is gradually becoming ingrained into the mass consciousness. That we are “not our own” is fast becoming shown to us. We have learned, and are in the process of adapting to the fact, that we cannot, even in ignorance, abuse a part of ourselves without certain indubitable effects. We are not separate from any part of nature: mineral, vegetable, animal, human, or spiritual.

These interconnections and interdependencies have necessitated an approach to the treatment and nurturing of our young which has no precedent except among those primitive and native tribes to whom many are now turning for a recollection of our human heritage of direct communion with “the spirit of nature.” In this present period, however, we are upon another turn of the evolutionary spiral, and there is not an actual “turning back” in time.

We are moving forward. We are heading into a consciousness and way of life as foreign to our present thinking as the way of life of the most primitive human beings known was from that of today. For today, the repetition of a reverence for nature, and a restoration of communion with her, will be accompanied by a mental appreciation of our interlocked existence and potential, as an irrevocable part of an Entity which is a Planet, that is part of a Solar System, that is a part of a constellation of stars, that is part of a Galaxy, that is a part of Space, which reaches into Infinity.

How shall we bring new ones into a world, which is in the process of such fantastic realizations, where the most certainly appropriate preparation is a preparation for change?

First, they must be appreciated in a realization that they have their own “agenda”—not separate from ours, but different. We must allow them safety to be who they are. They already know they are not their own— they know the intercommuriion with nature and, if we do not tamper with this intercommunion, they will be able to teach us, as well as their progeny.

Since these realizations are part of our collective consciousness, we, of the present generations, also possess awareness of our deeper purposes and potential as a species.

It is intended that The World Core Curriculum play a part among the inevitable variations in education which must occur as humanity adjusts to the broader scope of our newly found faculty for conscious communication and spiritual relationship. This curriculum will also play a part in humanity's newly discovered ability to cooperate with all parts of manifested existence within the confines of our planet and beyond.

Please consider these efforts as the result of sixteen years' experience, made available to those who, like ourselves, are finding it necessary to follow the inclinations of their hearts, as well as the dictates of their minds, to create educational approaches commensurate with the demands of planetary evolution.

There will be continual updating and available additions to this work which will be found, at best, to be a precursor to entirely new ways of relating to our young, and, at least, an approach which supersedes previous birth-through-secondary school curricula in its scope and underlying integrity.

Gloria Crook
Founding President
The Robert Muller School